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Marketing Support for Our HVAC Dealers

S. G. Torrice Company employs a truly innovative marketing team to create the best programs specially tailored to suit the unique needs of your HVAC business. These HVAC marketing services range from co-op funding, lead generation, consumer financing, advertising design and promotional programs such as an annual dealer trip. All of the above have been developed with dealers in mind; the goal is to make it advantageous for dealers to do business with S. G. Torrice Company.

The S. G. Torrice Company employs nine sales representatives who service customers from New Hampshire to Cape Cod and Rhode Island. These representatives collectively have over 100 years of experience in the HVAC industry.

The Company's field sales staff is supported by an impressive Inside Sales staff who responds to customer calls from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. This group uses its wealth of product knowledge and experience to serve our dealers. These individuals provide product pricing information and technical specifications as needed an also coordinate and expedite deliveries in conjunction with warehouse management.

S. G. Torrice Company offers a wide array of marketing services and programs to its dealers.
These services range from:

  • co-op funding
  • lead generation
  • consumer financing
  • advertising design
  • promotional programs

All of the above marketing support programs have been developed with our dealers in mind; the goal is to make it advantageous for dealers to do business with S. G. Torrice Company.

Co-op Guidelines:

A dealer is eligible for co-op reimbursement of up to 1.5% of annual purchases of American Standard equipment with S. G. Torrice Company. Co-op credits are issued for advertising, promotional merchandise, signage, uniforms, yellow page ads, vehicle decals, radio ads, etc., in which the American Standard logo including the "Heating & Air Conditioning" tagline is prominently displayed. In order to receive co-op credit, the advertising in question must follow fairly strict American Standard guidelines in terms of logo appearance. To ensure that an ad qualifies, a dealer should submit a proof to S. G. Torrice Company's Marketing Manager at the above address in advance of placing the ad/purchasing the merchandise. A co-op claim submittal should include a tear sheet identifying date and name of publication, photo, or actual sample of the ad or promotional item and an invoice from the media/promotional item provider indicating the total amount paid for the advertising. Any co-op claim must be submitted for processing within 3 months of the actual expenditure. All co-op funds must be used by the end of each fiscal year.


To help our dealers meet their residential customers’ needs we offer two programs, FTL Finance and Wells Fargo.  Between these two programs our dealers can provide financing for all of our equipment lines, as well as provide a plan that best suits their customer’s financial needs. To participate in either of these financing programs a dealer is required to complete a very brief application. American Standard also offers an easy to use commercial leasing program. For more information or applications please contact Jill Waters 1-800-888-8359 x212.

Customer Care Program:

This program has been developed for American Standard dealers who want to stand out from the crowd. This program is designed to ensure that customers who install American Standard equipment are completely satisfied with their equipment purchase and installation experience.  To be a Customer Care dealer a contractor must agree to survey all of their customers and receive immediate feedback on their performance. As part of the Customer Care program a dealer also receives a Customer Care web site developed and hosted by American Standard.  Finally Customer Care dealers have a special icon next to their company names on American Standard's dealer locator identifying them as elite dealers. To participate in the Customer Care Program a dealer must meet specific sales and training guidelines. The cost to participate is low, $1,800 per year and the return to dealers is significant.

Call Jill Waters for more information 1-800-888-8359 x212  

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