Airex 5ODDPM149

Airex Filter PM AIREX1212.5-M8 Pleated Filter, 12 in W x 12 in H x 1/2 in D, 8 MERV

  • Manufacturers: Airex
  • Brand Name: Airex
  • Item #: 53116
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  • MPN: 5ODDPM149
  • Alt Part #: AIREX1212.5-M8
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The Airex PM-SC MERV 8 odd size filters are available in a wide range of sizes for all commercial, industrial and residential applications. The filter media (SF40) is a mechanical media polyester blend with and average efficiency MERV rating of 8 based on the test standard 52.2. The MERV rating is a 60 to 65 at 5 to 10 micron without sacrificing airflow. Initial resistance of a 1 in deep filter is just 0.28 in-WG at 500 fpm. The enclosing frame is con- structed of a rigid, heavy duty moisture resistant beverage board. Odd size filters are manufactured with or without metal retainers and support straps. The filter pack is bonded to the inside periphery of the frame using a hot melt adhesive, thus eliminating the possibility of air bypass. The media support grid is available in expanded wire with an effective open area of not less than 93%. The wire grid is bonded to the filter media to eliminate the pos- sibility of media oscillation and media pull away. Each filter is printed with size, UL mark and airflow. Private labeling is available on custom filters. UL Approved as to flammability 217V Class 2 UL900.

Airex Filter Pleated Filter, 12 in Width, 12 in Height, 1/2 in Depth, 8 MERV, Domestic

  • Earns LEED points
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Extended filter life-cycle
  • Conserves resources
  • Improves indoor air quality