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Trane TTA12044AABE001*

TRANE® Odyssey™ TTA12044AABE001* Split System Cooling Air Condenser With Symbio™ Control, 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 ph

  • Manufacturers: Trane
  • Brand Name: Trane
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  • MPN: TTA12044AABE001*
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Odyssey™ Split Systems offer a wide range of options, allowing you to easily match unit tonnage with the right load requirements. When a project calls for the convenience and cost efficiency of a unitary product, where a rooftop unit isn't right, Odyssey™ may be the answer. It provides heating and cooling in a split configuration that's unique in its versatility while staying true to our standards for efficiency and reliability. And with the Symbio® digital controller on board, Odyssey™ introduces smart building capabilities that take service, comfort and sustainability beyond the expected. With wide network availability, flexible applications, installation ease, built-in reliability and easy servicing, Odyssey™ will meet any number of customer applications. Add to that Trane®'s outstanding customer service and you have the formula to make Odyssey™ the clear choice for continued customer satisfaction.

TRANE® Odyssey™ Split System Cooling Air Condenser, TTA12044A Model, 10 ton Nominal, 460 VAC, 60 Hz Frequency, 3 ph, Scroll Compressor, R140A Refrigerant, 1 Stage, 50 to 125 deg F, Steel, Galvanized/Zinc Coated

Model      :      TTA12044A
Voltage Rating      :      460 VAC
Phase      :      3 ph
  • A variable frequency drive is used to reduce the supply fan motor speed to 66% of its full capacity during part load cooling conditions
  • Odyssey™ can replace an older machine with old ductwork and, in many cases, improve the comfort through better air distribution
  • The Symbio™ 700 controller provides a 3 minute minimum "ON" time and 3 min "OFF" time for compressors to enhance compressor reliability by assuring proper oil return
  • For additional static requirements, Odyssey™ split systems offer standard belt drive motors to meet and exceed a wide range of airflow needs
  • Interconnecting wiring between components is standardized using colored and keyed connectors and colored wires, helping to save time and money tracing wires and diagnosing the unit
  • Complete Coat™ microchannel condenser coil - this cathodic, epoxy type electro disposition coating is formulated for high edge builds and provides excellent resistance and durability in potentially corrosive environments due to alkalies, acids, alcohols, petroleum, seawater, salty air and more
  • The air handlers ship in a horizontal configuration, they can be easily converted to vertical by simply repositioning the drain pan
  • These band heaters provide improved compressor reliability by warming the oil to prevent migration during off-cycles or low ambient conditions
  • Dual sloped drain pans - every Odyssey™ unit has a non-corrosive, removable, double sloped drain pan that's easy to clean and reversible to allow installation of drain trap in two positions on either side of the unit
  • Foil Faced Insulation- all internal air handler surfaces have cleanable foil-faced insulation
  • Hail/vandal guards - these coil guards shall be either factory or field-installed for condenser coil protection
  • High and low voltage control panel - high voltage components and connections are isolated from low voltage and covered with a sheet metal panel
  • High pressure control - all units include high pressure control as standard
  • All Odyssey™ units have cooling capabilities down to 0 deg F as standard
  • Low voltage wiring connects directly to the control boards in the unit via detachable connectors
  • Phase monitor shall provide 100% protection for motors and compressors against problems caused by phase loss, phase imbalance and phase reversal
  • Quick-access panels - remove a few screws for access to the standardized internal components and wiring